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A Museum That Connects Utahns Through Stories

There are many stories of the past that have shaped who we are today — and who we’ll be tomorrow. The Museum of Utah will exhibit Utah’s vast collection of historic artifacts, letters, photographs, manuscripts and fine art that bring Utah’s memory and meaning to life.

The Museum of Utah

The Museum of Utah will allow the Department of Heritage & Arts to better support and partner with hundreds of museums and cultural organizations statewide. Plans include expanding programs to train museum professionals throughout the state; collaborating with museums to curate and exhibit items of cultural significance; and partnering in ways that serve and attract hundreds of thousands of Utah schoolchildren each year.

Explore Utah’s Stories

Blood, Sweat, and Fairs
Knowledge and Material Progress
Salt Lake's Swan Lake
Before we were "Dancing With The Stars"
Spiritual Messengers
Species of Concern
Not all That Glitters is Sold
Frontiering a Salted Earth
The Studio Walls
A Cultural Oasis
Art of Papercutting


The collections held in trust by the Utah Department of Heritage & Arts (DHA) are a treasure trove of manuscripts, rare books, historical artifacts, photographs, paintings, sculpture, and folk art. Each object offers insights into understanding and celebrating Utah’s people, places, and cultures. 

Yet, they have been stored in an environment that faces daily threats because of inadequate environmental controls, deteriorated building systems, and destructive natural processes.

What’s more, Utah is one of just two states that lack a comprehensive state history or heritage collections management facility in which to preserve, curate and share our state treasures.

But that is going to change.

The Utah State Legislature has appropriated funds to begin the planning and programming for a new museum all about Utah.  The museum will be located on the Utah State Capitol campus and will include space to protect, care for, and share Utah’s vast collection of artifacts and art.