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The stories of an object evolve through writing a comparison essay article critique example individual experience, always shifting and always growing as the object is seen or touched, as an object is bought and owned, sold or given, lost.

A story of an object becomes the stories of an object, which weave together with the stories of other objects. Collectively, those objects become the story of an individual, of a family, of a people. And, for Utah, the story of a state.

Yet too often, these stories become the province of few. The Department of Heritage & Arts, through this website, wants to share the stories of our objects more widely. We want to help every Utahn recognize the shared heritage told through the art and historic artifact collections owned by the state.

From fine art to traditional crafts, aging relics to digital photographs, the state owns tens of thousands of pieces. Some have obvious historic value, and others an undeniable cultural importance. Some have an appraised value of seven figures. All of them, however, have a story to tell.

Sadly, these collections lack a proper home. Historic artifacts face constant threats from the pipes that snake above them in the basement of the Rio Grande, while the fine art is kept  in a building designed to store vegetables. By sharing these stories, we hope everyone will appreciate the importance of proper preservation for these artifacts, these objects, these stories that bind us.